* Course instructor has 20+ years experience in machine systems & bartelt training.
* Extensive knowledge of packager troubleshooting and repair

Detailed week long bartelt training course to cover:

* Control System
* Mechanical Operation
* Pneumatic/Vacuum Functions
* Pouch Forming and Filling
* Machine Setup/Changeover
* Various Fillers and Their Operation
* Troubleshooting

Course Date - January 22 - January 26th, 2018.

Course Cost:
$1,150.00 per person, $1,100.00 for 2+ and includes breakfast roll, coffee, and lunch. All other expenses are not included.

Bartelt training course size:
Limited to 10 people per class.

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bartelt training


"This training course has greatly opened my eyes to our machine's true potential. The instructor was an excellent teacher, and has an abundant source of helpful hints for the average operator/mechanic."

- Dawn Geddes, Rojo's Popcorn


"The instructor can easily relate to and understands our problems we encounter due to his vast experience in copacking."

- Bryan Wilson, NK Hurst Company

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