HMC also supplies conversions for HMC Pouchmasters and rebuilt or used Bartelts ®. These include the following:

•zipper, aplix, and Velcro conversion equipment for easy pouch open and close features

•gusset and standup gusset equipment, also referred to as “doy” to provide shelf appeal and help maximize vertical storage shelf space

•power web unwind, direct drive or roll type for more constant tensioning of the web roll during the unwind process

•servo web edge guide to remove the reliance of web tracking from the machine operator

•air chucks to provide consistent roll placement to the arbor shaft, resulting in reduced material and product waste

•single point adjustable plow reducing changeover times

•controls retrofit with optional 3 axis servo control and color touchscreen to provide machine diagnostics, quicker changeovers, and less maintenance downtime due to less  moving parts

•special pouch shape die cuts, including sombrero hanger hole

•on/off line slitter for 2-up and 3-up production for higher machine speeds in excess of 200 pouches per minute

•safety interlocked guard door systems

•tear slit and tear notch easy open features, as well as emboss and printer options for date and lot code

•servo auger conversions to reduce maintenance costs and reduce product waste

•machine vision including bar code detection/legibility greatly improving product quality control

•high speed travelling funnel (IMF) conversions increasing machine output and efficiency.

•quick change seal driver kits eliminating the need to move line shaft cams when changing pouch widths

•trailing edge pouch clamp assembly providing top seal stretching, especially suited for heavier pouches

•tall pouch conversion kits allowing for up to 29” wide web.  In some cases the trailing edge pouch clamp conversion must also be purchased.

•machine extensions to provide greater flexibility for varying pouch formats


Our most recent addition to our product line includes pouch machines with fitment or spout insertion.  Depending on the customer’s requirements, spout sealing can occur prior to or after the product fill on the HMC Pouchmaster.  Pouch capping and tamper resistant fitments are also provided.