The IM Pouchmaster horizontal form fill seal series provides high speed filling of free flow products, including powders in the most flexible machine design available on the market today. Speeds up to 100 ppm are frequently observed with many products. When fitted with an HMC On or Off Line Slitter, speeds up to 270 ppm may be achieved
This machine model may be equipped with the following:
⦁ Allen Bradley or B & R controls
⦁ Power web unwind
⦁ Regular or standup (doy) gusset
⦁ Zipper unwind
⦁ Servo web edge guide setup
⦁ Quick change sealing system
⦁ Short stroke reciprocating vacuum pickoff system
⦁ Multiple fillers including auger, cup, vibratory, or net weigh scale
⦁ Trailing edge pouch clamps for larger pouches
⦁ Vacuum opening
⦁ Duckbill opening
⦁ Pouch forming opening
⦁ On Line or Off Line Slitter

Applications include free and non-free flow powders, medical devices, towelettes, liquids, snack mixes, nuts, candies, sugar based products, and instant cereals.

MachineIM 7IMF 8IMF 9
Pouch Size Min:1.25x21.25x21.25x2
Pouch Size Max:5.75x97.75x99.75x13
Gusset Max:233
Filling Station(s) Max:444
Film Width Max:212129
Output PPM, 1-up:10010085