The IMF Pouchmaster horizontal form fill seal series provides high speed filling of free flow products, including powders.  Speeds up to 160 ppm may be achieved through the following design advancements:

1. Increased fill time per pouch cycle which allows bag making and filling at much higher speeds.

2. Improved pouch material handling via power web unwind system (option).

3. A product transfer funnel servo system indexing at the same rate as the pouch index which inserts a traveling funnel into the top of each pouch.  Vacuum opening is eliminated.

4. Larger filler tooling sized to the funnel rather than the pouch opening permitting faster product dispensing.  Product is dispensed over the 4-6 stations the funnel has traveled with the pouch.

This machine may be equipped with the following:

  • Allen Bradley or B & R controls
  • Power web unwind
  • Regular or standup (doy) gusset
  • Zipper unwind
  • Servo web edge guide setup
  • Quick change sealing system
  • Short stroke reciprocating vacuum pickoff system
  • Multiple fillers including auger, cup, vibratory, or net weigh scale
  • Trailing edge pouch clamps for larger pouches


Applications include snack mixes, nuts, candies, sugar based products, and instant cereals.  We also retrofit used Bartelts with this equipment.

Pouch Size MIn:3 x 33 x 35 x 5
Pouch Size Max:5.75 x 97.75 x 99.75 x 13
Gusset Max:2.53.55
Filling Station(s)443
Film Width Max:212129
Output PPM:16013075