The IMTE Pouchmaster horizontal form fill seal series is the most economical large format standup zipper pouch machine available today.  This series is specially suited for snacks, trail mix, beef jerky, dried fruits, powdered substances, and liquids.  Supporting the pouch from both sides through the filling stations, the Pouchmaster supports 3 pounds of product. The optional HMC servo indexing support conveyor will support up to 6 pounds of product.

This machine may be equipped with the following:

  • Allen Bradley or B & R controls
  • Power web unwind
  • Standup gusset and zipper
  • Servo web edge guide setup
  • Quick change sealing system
  • Multiple fill stations as needed
  • Top seal stretching prior to top sealing
  • Dual gripper pickoff system
  • Duckbill at filler
  • Traveling funnels for free flow products and higher speeds
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Machine:IMTE 10IMTE 12IMTE 14
Pouch Size MIn:4 x 55 x 65 x 6
Pouch Size Max:7.75 x 139.75 x 1311.75 x 13
Gusset Max:44.55
Filling Station(s):1-31-31-3
Film Width Max:292929
Output PPM:65/8555/7550/65